Til Mawa Burfi | 3 ingredient Sweet| Sesame Fudge Recipe

Winter's Warming Embrace: Dive into the Delectable Depths of Til Burfi

healthy tasty winter special homemade indian til ki burfi

As the world chills and shivers, we crave a sweet escape that not only soothes our taste buds but also warms our souls from within. Look no further than the recipe which I'm also in love with- "Til Burfi". It's a quintessential Indian winter treat since childhood that delivers a rich, nutty sesame flavor with a delightful chew. This three-ingredient wonder, woven with toasty sesame seeds, and creamy homemade khoya, with the right balance of sweetness, is more than just an ordinary sweet; it's a cozy hug disguised as a bite.

But Til Burfi's allure goes beyond its heavenly taste. This nutrient-packed powerhouse boasts an ancient lineage, whispered across generations as a testament to its health-giving properties. Bursting with calcium, iron, and good fats, Til Burfi nourishes your body during winter as it pampers your palate and keeps you warm.

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In this blog post, we'll delve into the simplicity and secrets of making the perfect Til Burfi. So, just grab the ingredients and start cooking with me this simple but heavenly delicious Indian sweet. 


Preparation time: 5 mins.

Cooking time: 30 mins.

Course: Sweet (sweet for fasting)

Yield: 1/2 kg


  • Sesame seed (white or brown as preference)- 1 cup (200gm)
  • Fresh Khoya/Mawa- 1 cup 
  • Sugar/Jaggery-1cup

Steps To Follow For Making Til Mawa Burfi


roasted seasame indian style fudge

Heat a pan, and dry roast the sesame on low flame for 3-4 minutes to remove its rawness. Turf off the flame once it starts giving an aroma and crackling sound. Keep it aside to cool down.


three ingredient indian sweet recipe

Once roasted sesame are cooled grind them generously in the grinder. It should have a coarse texture.


indian style homemade sesame fudge

Heat a non-stick Pan/Kadahi, add 1 cup of Khoya, and slow-cook the Khoya on a very low flame to bring it to soften consistency.


learn to make old time til ki burfi at home

Add sugar/jaggery to the softened khoya and start low & slow cooking. Cook till it becomes a thick consistency syrup kind mix.

Note: If you're using jaggery firstly make sure it should be crumbly powdered. Secondly, As soon as the jaggery starts showing bubbles and looks foamy stop cooking for a few seconds. Then mix Til coarse powder then restart the cooking process. Cook it slowly to avoid a burnt smell. 


mawa moti gajak/burfi recipe

At this stage add coarsely blended sesame seed and start combining. keep string up and down to combine well. 


winter special sweet recipes

Take it off once combined and roasted (as shown in pic and video). 


mawa sugar and sesame fudge recipe

Spread ghee on a greased deep plate and drop the mix on it.


quick til burfi recipe

Spread the mix evenly and dap with the help of a spatula or a steel bowl. Top it with cashew cuttings & leave it aside to cool for about 20 minutes.


healthy indian sweet recipe for winter season

Once set cut them in the desired shape and Til Burfi is ready.

Final Serve

tasty and quick recipe of til burfi

Serve this yummy winter special burfi with love to family and friends.

Video Recipe

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