Instant Indian karonda Juice Syrup Recipe| Refreshing Summer Fruit Drink Recipe

homemade Karonda (Carrisa Carandas) juice recipe

Summertime is the prime time for having fruits. The only kind of food that one genuinely enjoys and feels fulfilled after eating during this season is fruits. Fruits can be consumed in different forms. Each person has their own favorite way. Some prefer to have it as a drink, some like it in form of a salad and some like to eat it as is. My kids love to prepare instant summer drink on their own. That's the reason i always keep homemade instant summer drinks ready in my kitchen pantry.

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The options for fruits are also vast. I am particularly fond of berries. There is a large variety of berries that are enjoyed by people in the hot weather season. Local mulberries, ber, phalse (wild blueberries), Indian raspberries, and Karondas (Bengal Currants). 

I was roaming around in the market, when I came across these karondas (carrisa carandas) also known as Bengal currants. I've seen and even eaten these berries several times, that too very fondly. But, those were the unripe karondas, of which my mom used to make pickle with green chilies. Most of the people in my family enjoyed the pickle of this fruit thoroughly. Yet, I never had discovered the ripe version of it. When I was told that the fruits that I have used in this recipe are ripe karondas, I knew that I had to purchase them. I brought them home and instantly started to ponder over what unique recipe I can come up with using the fruit. 

Well, here I am. This recipe for Indian Karonda squash/syrup to make an instant drink is cooked up at home with the commonest ingredient that each house surely stores. Considering that the same procedure can be followed to make a squash with any other fruit berries you like, this is an amazingly flexible recipe! 

So, scroll down and entertain the steps to make your own instant summer berries squash .


Preparation process: 15 minutes

Cooking process: 15 minutes

Course: Beverages

Yield: 250ml syrup 


  • Karonda/ Bengal currant- 400gm
  • Sugar-2 cups
  • Water-2 cup 
  • Lemon juice- 1 tablespoon

Preparation of Karonda/Carunda Squash


How to make indian bengal currant juice syrup at home

Wash ripened Karondas thoroughly in cold water. Soak them in clean water for 10 minutes to soften them.  


Refreshing summer indian berry fruit drink recipe

Drain out the water from the Carundas and collect them in a mixer grinder.


non-alcholic instant summer drink recipe

Add 1/2 cup of water to the grinder. 


Quick homemade 2 minutes fruit drink

Blend them together to make a pulpy fruit mixture.

How to make berry mocktails at home

Take a strainer and pass the pulpy mixture from it. Sieve gently to get a smooth and seedless pulp.


how to make fruit syrups at home for mocktail

Heat a non-stick pan. Add 2 cups of sugar and 1 and 1/2 cups of water to it. Boil until the sugar gets dissolved completely in the water. 


homemade fruit drink recipe for kids

Add prepared fruit pulp mix to the sugar syrup and cook for 5-7 minutes. Keep stirring the syrup.


Healthy homemade fruit coolers recipe

Afterward, add two drops of red food color to yield a beautiful look of the drink and keep boiling. 
Note: Adding food color is optional.


natural homemade summer fruit drink recipe

Cook for another few minutes and finish it by adding Lemon juice.
Note: Lemon juice acts as a preservative and balances the syrup's sweetness. 


Instant Indian cool beverages idea for summers

Keep the mix aside to cool completely. Once cooled, fill it in a bottle.
Note: This squash/syrup can be stored in an air-tight glass bottle in the refrigerator for any time use for 2-3 months.


Refreshing summer fruit punch recipe

To prepare Karonda juice, take a glass and add 3 scoops of crushed ice.


non-alcholic fruit juice syrup recipe

Pour 3 tablespoons of prepared squash into the glass.


Healthy homemade beverages recipe

Add sparkling water or chilled water. Stir gently.

Final Serve

A tasty, beautiful-looking, healthy, chemical-free fruit squash drink is ready to cherish and relish with your loved ones.

Refreshing Homemade Summer Fruit Drink Recipe

Video Recipe

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